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Lupos Fortitudo: Rx Strength (Our Strongest Blend!)

Lupos Fortitudo: Rx Strength (Our Strongest Blend!)

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Our flagship fitness blend crafted with CrossFit Lupos.

Empower your workout regimen with our Lupos Fortitudo: Rx Strength Coffee, meticulously designed to fuel your ferocity and endurance. This potent mix marries the high-powered Vietnamese Robusta with a touch of bold and smooth Colombian Espresso to offer a caffeine surge capable of supercharging your Rx sessions.

At the heart of this blend is the robust Vietnamese Robusta, a bean known for its high caffeine content and subtly sweet, chocolatey undertones. This pairs beautifully with the full-bodied and richly aromatic Colombian Espresso, offering a balanced, yet intense, coffee experience.

The Lupos Fortitudo: Rx Strength Coffee is not just a beverage; it's a high-octane fuel for your active lifestyle. It provides the energy and mental clarity needed to push through even the most challenging workouts, without overwhelming your senses.

Experience the perfect synergy of taste and performance with our Lupos Fortitudo: Rx Strength Coffee. It's time to ignite your inner fire, elevate your workouts, and take your fitness journey to new heights. Taste the power today!

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