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East Coast Trading Co.

Bean Buddy: Share the Bean

Bean Buddy: Share the Bean

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Well, well, well, looks like your buddy has exquisite taste in coffee. They figure you deserve a sip of the good stuff too!

Welcome to East Coast Trading Co. Bean Buddies! It's the ultimate coffee-sharing fiesta, and you're the guest of honor. Your friend has generously handed over a secret code, and we've got the coffee ready for you.

Here's how to get your caffeine kick, courtesy of your generous pal:

  1. Grab that code they sent you, it's your golden ticket to a half pound of coffee bean heaven. Just enter the code at Checkout to get 100% off your bag of coffee, just cover shipping! 
  2. Now, here's the fun part - pick your poison! Choose your coffee type and even how you want those beans ground. The world of coffee is your oyster, and we're your roaster.

And guess what? The bill? Forget it. It's on the house! We've already taken care of it. All that's for left for you to cover is shipping! 

So, whether you're into a dark roast that'll kick you into high gear or a smooth, medium blend that's all about the chill vibes, the choice is yours.

The only tough decision you have to make now is how you take your coffee - because everything else? That's on us, baby!

The only sad part is this deal only works once per person BUT you can pass it on to new Brew Buddies as much as you'd like!

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